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the president of the united states turned out to be a dlib fabrication because for sduecury reasons he made a trip under the veil of secrecy. this is standard operating procedure for presidents visiting america's various war zones. shortly after the 2008 election in which he was elected president, after the election but before the new president had been sworn in in december of 2008, then still president george w. bush took one of these surprise trips the, unannounced trips to background. it was december 14th, 2008. that's when this happened. >> yes. everybody calm down for a minute. first of all, thank you for apologizing on behalf of the iraqi people. it doesn't bother me. if you want the facts, it's a size 10 shoe that he threw. >> boy, if you were not surprised enough to find out that the president had surprise, gone to iraq, the president having a shoe hurled at him was definitely a surprise that day. when you look at the official transcript from this, we posted a link to it on our blog tonight. when you go through the transcript of this event, when you get to the part where the guy thr
was in baghdad was to sign the agreement which committed the united states to end our war in iraq. it was an agreement that president obama then followed through on. the last u.s. troops left iraq in december. today, in afghanistan it was not a status of forces agreement. it was called a strategic partnership agreement between the u.s. and afghan government but the idea is the same. it's to commit both countries to a plan by which the united states will end our war there. >> today i signed an agreement between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new relationship between our countries. a future in which afghans are responsible for the security of their nation and we build an equal partnership between two states. as we move forward some people will ask why we need a firm timeline. the answer is clear. our goal is not to build a country in america's image or to eradicate the taliban. these objectives would require in many years, many more dollars and most importantly many more american lives. our goal is to destroy al qaeda and we on path to do exactly that. afghans want
. it's to commit both countries to a plan by which the united states will end our war there. >> today i signed an agreement between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new relationship between our countries. a future in which afghans are responsible for the security of their nation and we build an equal partnership between two states. as we move forward some people will ask why we need a firm timeline. the answer is clear. our goal is not to build a country in america's image or to eradicate the taliban. these objectives would require in many years, many more dollars and most importantly many more american lives. our goal is to destroy al qaeda and we on path to do exactly that. afghans want to assert their sovereignty and build a lasting peace. the agreement we signed today sends a clear message to the afghan people. as you stand up, you will not stand alone. within this framework we'll work with the afghans to determine what support they need to accomplish two narrow security missions beyond 2014. counter terrorism, and continued training. we will not build permanent base
united states senator, a former vice president of the united states, an experienced nationally known sober steady republican named richard nix on is running for president. he wins in 1968. he wins re-election in 1972. he never makes it to the end of the second term because of a little complication called watergate. in 1968 he was at the height of his appeal and he was a communist. see his campaign slogan, forward together. this is from the republican national committee archives. see the slogan at the bottom. bushy haired richard nixon communist. the reason you know that slogan indicates he's a communist because today's conservatives say so. i thought this was debunked already but conservatives even know, this is from last night on glenn beck's internet tv show, conservatives are still stuck on this. president obama's web video that came out ended with this slogan forward. the right just went nuts that the word forward was the obama campaign's way of signaling that it is marxist. it seems to impose the economic system by karl marx on america. that president obama is a communist, that
by alleging the president of the united states was not really the president of the united states. he intimated that president obama is secretly foreign. that was the basis of the donald trump flash in the pan candidacy years ago. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? i think she should. three weeks ago when i started, i thought he was born in this country and now i have doubt. >> based on what? >> his grandmother said he was born in kenya and she was there and witnessed the birth. he doesn't have a birth certificate or he hasn't shown it. if you are going to be the president of the united states you have to be born in this country and there's a doubt as to whether or not he is. >> that little brain curdling wallow in celebrity driven up chuck came to an abrupt end about one year ago when on a wednesday afternoon, the president of the united states held a press conference at the white house to release his freaking birth certificate, to put that nonsense to rest. that was on a wednesday afternoon. three days later on saturday, it was the white house correspondence dinner where the presid
. >> is that what you believe? you're comfortable with same-sex marriage? >> i'm vice president of the united states of america. the president sets the policy. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that many marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual are entitled to the same right, all civil rights and liberties and i don't see much of a distinction beyond that. >> in a second term will this administration come out behind same-sex marriage? >> i can't speak to that. i don't know the answer to that. >> you can see in his response there at the end to the question of second term policy making that he thinks he might have gone too far. perhaps minutes after the remarks on sunday senior obama campaign advisor tweeted what vp said that all married couples should have the same rights is potus's position which is not exactly true. he didn't just say that gay couples have the same right, he said they should be able to get married. the reason the obama campaign was in a rush to assure everyone that news was not made because the president is not a supporter of the freedom to marry. despite a 1996
a request to leave china. he said he wanted to go to the united states. he said he could like to leave with hillary clinton on her plane. she's there for high level meetings. as we reported last night he phoned into an emergency congressional hearing that was called to discuss his case. he reiterated in the phone call that he wanted help from secretary clinton. it's all very dramatic. last night when we left this story it was totally up in the air as to what would happen on this today. the clock is ticking. today there does seem to be progress toward a new deal that could get him out of china and to the united states in way that did not escalate this any further. apparently he's now been offered a fellowship at nyu's law school. china said they will consider his request to become a student or a visiting lecturer. the u.s. government say they expect the request to be expedited. this is happening in the shadow of hillary clinton being in china. he's expected to depart on saturday local time but beijing is 12 hours ahead of east coast. she will be leaving momentarily. she will be leaving
had to resign the presidency of the united states three years early in disgrace, narrowly avoiding being impeached and convicted and thrown out of office. frankly, he needed to make a little money, so he agreed for a large fee to sit down for a series of tv interviews, in which he basically wanted to talk about anything other than watergate. but he also wanted to defend himself on watergate. he wanted to try to shape his legacy, to be seen as something other than a disgraced cook who had had to resign his presidency. that effort to try to rehabilitate his image, to defend himself on watergate, led richard nixon to this iconic moment in the american presidency. >> well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal. >> richard nixon was trying to rehabilitate his image there. that did not help. "if the president does it, by definition, it's not illegal?" the president of the united states is above the law, just by virtue of being president? richard nixon is still and will forever be viewed as a crook and a disgrace to the presidency. not only because of the crimes co
, but always, is that a woman who emigrates to the united states using a service like this can end up dependent for her immigration status in this country on the american man to whom she has just been married for a fee. and if that man starts beating her up, a woman can kind of be trapped. you don't want to stay with the abusive guy who bought her hand on the internet, but if she leaves, she may get forted. that's the choice, stay with the man who's beating you or get deported. to help women out of that disgusting and dangerous trap, there is a program by which women who are being abused and whose immigration status depends on being married to their abuser, those women can in a low-key way without tipping off the guy who is beating them, they can apply for legal immigration status in this country that's unconnected to the abusive husband. it is a special visa program under the violence against women act. republicans in washington are right to roll that back. the violence against women act was first passed almost 20 years ago. when he was in the senate, vice president joe biden wrote the origina
's not illegal?" the president of the united states is above the law, just by virtue of being president? richard nixon is still and will forever be viewed as a crook and a disgrace to the presidency. not only because of the crimes committed by his administration, but because of that outrageous assertion in his post-presidency interview with david frost. if we are any one thing as a country, we are not a kingdom. we are a place where nobody is above the law. where no person is greater than the constitution, even if they are the president. that is fundamental to who we are as a country and why we exist as a country. less than ten years after that nixon interview, we had a new president who was the aesthetic opposite of him. where nixon was shifty eyed and sweaty and seemed kind of paranoid, ronald reagan was sunny and upright and confident. he really was a very good communicator as president and he knew he was. but you know, ronald reagan wrote over and over again in his diary as president about something that frustrated him. he wrote about the one thing that he felt was an exception to his abilit
that affects only my district, in other districts in the united states, which signals out the residents of the district of columbia and say you women will not be subject to the constitutional mandate of roe versus wade. you alone can have an abortion only until 20 weeks. by the way, don't talk to us about how this violates the 14th amendment as well, which treats you differently from women in other states. not only are we going to try to impose that on you, but we don't want to hear from the only voice you have in the house, you have no voice in the senate, we shut her up, so we don't hear from d.c. residents at all. fortunately, we do have a young woman who has gone through this experience who has a very relevant story to show. but nobody who can speak for, who has been elected by the representatives of the district ofya columbia, an all-male panel will hear why they should have their roe versus wade with rights discussed tomorrow. >> in this case, he's specifically going after d.c., but he has pushed anti-abortion legislation every time he has the opportunity. why do you think somethi
, no matter what the laws were of the united states, because he was president. it's crazy, right? i mean, this was a disaster. there were high-level indictments, administration officials went to jail. amazingly, reagan himself avoided impeachment, but when it came time for congress to investigate this scandal, it was pretty much a slam dunk. they condemned not just what reagan had done, but the outrageousness of that defense. the idea that he could get away with breaking any law, just because he was president. it was not a close call. it was not seen as a particularly partisan verdict by congress, when congress investigated this scandal. but there was one dissent. there was a minority report, a dissent to congress' findings was filed by one congressman, who said that actually, he agreed with the administration on this. he agreed that if the president does it and it is about national security, then by definition, it isn't illegal. he agreed that to a commander in chief, laws mean nothing. a president can do whatever he wants when it comes to national security. that was the little-noticed,
they are selling themselves. what about handing over the united states capitol to that kind of project? this is national statuary hall. today it's home to 38 statues. they were all inaugurated in what is national statuary hall. today it can be used for special events like memorial services, receptions for members of congress. it's up to the speaker of house who can have access and for what kind of events. here are the kind of events that are held. inaugural luncheons or a capitol historical society for new members of congress. today, there was a different kind of event. today join boehner held it over the a prayer event. it was time to coincide with george washington's inauguration and celebrate how super religious george washington was. among today's prayer at the capitol head lierns was a guy named jim garlo. he's said that gay marriage is part of an attack by satan on the united states. he has compared being gay to not just man on dog like rick santorum said but specifically, man on horse. a guy named david barton was top bill. he said we can't find a cure to aids because gay is god
. republicans in the united states senate filibustered on student loaned today. how is that youth vote coming along republican party? interest rates on student loans are set to double this summer unless congress takes action. republicans were set to let that happen last month, to let student loan rates double. after public pressure from president obama, mitt romney, the republican candidate and the republicans in the house of representatives changed their mind. they dropped their previous position. they said they would agree to act to keep student loan rates where they are. as of today, apparently the deal is off. they filibustered the deal to keep student loan rates from going up. if this does not get fixed, everybody's student loans across the country will double their interest rate this summer. you can thank massachusetts senator scott brown for that. a vulnerable incumbent like scott brown sided with the republican filibuster on this issue. just incredible. also, incredible, the long awaited endorsement of mitt romney for president by the last te contender left standing. rick santorum's e
, "untied state senator" on them, instead of "united state senator." it was a misprint by the company that manufactured the mens. it seemed like an omen for how the whole impeachment thing will turn out for those impeachers. last summer when jon huntsman launched his campaign for the white house, his campaign got off to an inauspicious start when the candidate's own name was misspelled on the press passes that his aides handed out to supporters, it was spelled "john" instead of "jon," which who cares, unless it's the launch of your presidential campaign and you're a relatively unknown campaign. the good news for jon huntsman, his campaign went so badly this year, with he still might be able to run as an outsider nobody's heard of the next time he runs in 2016. for 2012, though, the republicans have got themselves a nominee. last night, by taking the texas primary, mitt romney surpassed the delegate number needed to claim the convention in august. mr. romney is not just the de facto or likely republican nominee, he is the projected nominee. it is official as of last night. mr. romney's
, or the vice president of the united states, ironically, your job as a newsmaker is to not make news. making news is media jargon for saying something you haven't said before. in other words, your mission is to go on those shows and only use words in combinations identical to or similar to combinations you have previously deployed. otherwise you commit the sin of making news. in fact, one of the obama administration's favorite rhetorical strategies for escaping a we is to get very meta and actually come out and say, i'm not going to make news. >> andrea, i'm not going to make news on the president's beliefs on gay marriage today. >> i'm not going to make news. i'm not going to make news on that today. good try, though. >> i have almost all the confidence in the world that whatever i say is not going to make the news tonight. >> vice president joe biden is the rare newsmaker who seems to relish in making news. and so here he was on "meet the press" yesterday asked about his position on gay marriage, and here's what he said. >> the president has said that his views on gay marriage, same-sex ma
personally is getting more anti-gay over time. when he ran for the united states senate in 1994, this is him on the cover of the boston gay magazine, gay newspaper, sorry. when he ran for senate, he famously promised that he would run to the left of ted kennedy on gay rights issue. he said he would make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern. now that he's further along in his career and the de facto republican nominee for president, not only is he not trying to mainstream gay and lesbian equality, he is actively working against it. he's promising to fight it. he's pledging to pursue an amendment to the united states constitution to ban marriage rights for same-sex couples. to impose that ban federally, no matter what individual states want. when the romney campaign appointed an openly gay spokesman recently, he was hounded out of the job on the basis of the fact that he was gay. >> personnel is policy. when governor romney picked somebody who's an active homosexual and puts him in a prominent position, he's sending a shout-out to the lobby. >> when attacks on that spokesman for
shootings are now a depressingly common feature of the daily news diet in the united states of america. but in this case, the alleged perpetrator is a very well-known political figure who has long personified the dark side of a very particular part of arizonan politics and american politics. in 2010, at an anti-immigration rally that featured speeches from russell appeapearce and jo arpaio, j.t. ready distributed these flyers, flyers saying that americans should put land mines along the u.s./mexico border. the flyer from the event, it's signed there j.t. ready, over there on the left, about halfway down, and it's also marked nsm, as in national socialist movement, as in national socialists, as in nazis, knneo nazis. j.t. ready then posted a picture of him and his friends holding up the land mine flyer while standing next to a van from univision. they think that's hilarious, the land mines thing by the -- yeah. that was in 2010. then in 2011, a member of the national socialist movement, a neo nazi was arrested in arizona with plastic tubs full of explosives. when he was picked up by the
is the number one cause of death in the united states. well, the highest rate of health disease death in the country is in mississippi. diabetes also a massive american health problem. alabama and mississippi, it turns out, are neck and neck on being the worst for diabetes. the most recent nationwide stats put alabama at 50 out of 50 states, and mississippi at 49th. the really astonishing number, though, in mississippi, is infant mortality. for every thousand kids born in the united states, how many of those kids do not live to their first birthday? overall, this is the rate in the country for infant mortality. here's what it is in mississippi. hmm. mississippi has the worst infant death rate in the country. not only is mississippi the worst in the country, if mississippi were a country, it would rank below sri lanka and below botswana. it would be 83rd in the world in terms of infant mortality. and if you look internally at what's going on in mississippi, what explains that problem, you end up very quickly realizing that the issue is in racial disparity. these are mississippi's own n
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 118 (some duplicates have been removed)